Bids invited for Electric Vehicle Car Scheme

electric carThe Isle of Wight Council’s Economic Development Service has published a new grant-making Prospectus for 2015/18.  Bids are invited for grant funding up to £36,000, from enterprises of any type, that will provide access to electric vehicles (EV) for visitors to the Isle of Wight leading to continuing and sustainable public access to EV beyond the period of grant funding.

The grant funding is being provided by the Local Sustainable Transport Fund 2 (LSTF2) programme “It’s all about the journey – transforming travel on the Isle of Wight”.

The intended outcomes for this grant programme are:

  1. Visitors to the Island will have, for the period of grant funding to 31st March 2016, the opportunity to hire and use electric vehicles.
  2. These vehicles will include electric cars and may include other forms of transport such as electric bicycles.
  3. There will be continued and sustainable access to EVs by visitors beyond the period of grant funding.
  4. The funded scheme will generate interest and excitement both locally and nationally and help to present the Island as an innovative and forward-thinking location and destination.

The scheme should lead to the launch of an EV Hire Scheme in July 2015, or as soon as possible thereafter.

A grant-making Prospectus provides more information about the council’s expectations . If your organisation can deliver services or projects that meet some of these outcomes, please click here

NB: The email address for Community Action Isle of Wight given in this prospectus should be 

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