Green Innovation Fund for Transport

Green Innovation Fund for Transport

Can your business benefit from a match-funded grant to help your employees travel in a sustainable way?

The Isle Of Wight Chamber Of Commerce has teamed up with Community Action to encourage businesses to change the way they think about business transportation and how their employees travel to work. The Isle of Wight Council has secured funding from the government’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF) and some of this money will be made available to Island businesses in the form of match-funded grants.

The scheme is aimed at all sectors of the Island’s economy, with grants ranging from £2,500 to £33,000.  Applications for the full amount or parts thereof are invited for innovative initiatives.  Match-funding of 50% is required which can be made up of a combination of cash, employee time, volunteer time, etc.

 Businesses are being encouraged to bid for funding to support projects that will encourage economic growth whilst reducing carbon emissions, promoting sustainable business travel activity in an innovative way. Key objectives for the LSTF include reducing single car occupancy and promoting sustainable alternatives for access to employment. 

The Chamber of Commerce’s General Manager, Ian Jenkins commented:
“We want employers to think creatively about the ways that their staff are travelling to work and how their business could reduce its carbon footprint. The Green Innovation Fund for Transport (GIFfT) grant is great news for the Island’s economy and we want to work with Island businesses to help them to deliver new projects.  This could include a review of their current transport arrangements that employees have access to.   Alternative options could include lift-share schemes, subsidised bus or train tickets for staff and promotion of ‘Bike to Work’. We would encourage any innovative business initiatives.  The match-funded support really can make a difference and I would encourage any business to consider applying for funding.” 

Ideas need to be submitted by 5pm on Monday 30th November 2015 with projects established and identifiable outcomes realised by Friday 12th February 2016, when final reporting must be submitted. 

 For more information and an application form contact Philippa Daley email: Tel: 524058.





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