Parish Council Consultation on BT Phone boxes

The Isle of Wight Council has been notified by British Telecommunications plc (BT) of their formal consultation process regarding a programme of intended public payphone removals.
The local authority is required to co-ordinate a consultation response. BT’s letter lists the public payphones that are proposed to be removed, and provides some background information to inform any consultation responses. There is also the opportunity for communities to request to ‘adopt’ a phone. Please do note the requirement for any objection to the removal of a public payphone to be ‘objectively justified’.
The Isle of Wight Council will act as a conduit for any comments your Parish council wishes to make and will need to receive these by midday Friday 16 December 2016, so they can forwarded on to BT within their requested timescale. Please note that the council offices are closed the week commencing the 26 December.
Comments can be submitted electronically to quoting BT consultation in the subject line. Alternatively paper copies can be sent to: 
Wendy Perera, Head of Place, Planning Services, Isle of Wight Council, Seaclose Offices, Fairlee Road, Newport, PO30 2QS.
For a full copy of the letter, see bt-consultation-letter-181016.

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