New Social Enterprise

With public sector and grant funding diminishing charities have got to look at new ways of helping the communities they serve. Sabirian is our initiative that has been developed over the last year.
At its heart is a desire to provide training, work placement and employment opportunities to Islanders facing additional barriers to employment. It is also there to generate profits for reinvestment in other community development work to help the Island.
A third benefit is that it provides a trade not aid approach bringing benefit to small scale artisans and small scale producers in India.
From the 18th August, you will be able to buy directly from the new shop at 68 High Street, Newport. Come in and browse through our range of beautiful and luxurious, traditional and modern handcrafted jewellery, gifts, homewares and furniture. Find out about where these products have come from and who made them.
If you come during opening week (18th- 24th August), you will also benefit from a generous Buy One Get One Free offer!
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