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Social Enterprise.

Social Enterprise

Community Action IW has a number of established social enterprises that create jobs, and support the work of the charity.

With public sector and grant funding diminishing charities have got to look at new ways of helping the communities they serve.

Putting People First

By putting people first we believe we can create businesses that are successful AND support the voluntary sector. 


Sabirian is an initiative that has been developed since 2017. 


At its heart is a desire to provide training, work placement and employment opportunities to Islanders facing additional barriers to employment. It is also there to generate profits for reinvestment in other community development work to help the Island.

A third benefit is that it provides a trade not aid approach bringing benefit to small scale artisans and small scale producers in India.

Sabirian imports fairly traded goods and sells them across the world. There is now a high street shop at 68 High Street, Newport, IOW and an established online trading business. 

All profits and surplus from this and all our social enterprises feed into the work of the charity.

Sabirian is a trendsetting Importer and Online Retail and Wholesale Fairly Traded Jewellery, Gifts and Home-Wares shop, offering first-rate fairly traded products, exceptional pricing and first class customer service.​

A strong ethical policy is at its core. We aim to buy from artisans and small scale producers who use largely natural materials and traditional techniques to produce the most beautiful, luxurious and interesting items. Where possible, we source direct from artisans, families and craft villages around the globe giving them the best prices. 

We believe that the best way to reduce poverty is through trade by supporting marginalised artisans and small producers, with the aim to help artisans, workers and their families move from income insecurity to economic self sufficiency. The manufacture of goods for generates income for the local community both abroad and here in the UK and we hope that these benefits should enrich the quality of life of the local community.

Scarrots Lane Bakery

Scarrots Lane Bakery was established in 2014. It is a traditional bakery which bakes all its products from scratch.

We have a huge product range which includes a variety of bread, savouries, pastries and cakes. The smell of freshly baked bread wafts from our bakery to fill the air in our retail outlet in Scarrots Lane, Newport. 

Our wholesale supply ensures that our products can be purchased in villages and towns around the Island. 

We believe in working very closely with our customers in order to deliver the right product on time and at the right price, we pride ourselves on our flexibility and commitment to delivering quality, service and reliability.

Godshill Shop 


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