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Community Law Service.

Community Law Service

Community Law Service

The Community Law Service is a new team at Community Action looking to provide an independent pro-bono advice and advocacy service on the Isle of Wight focusing primarily on Housing and Welfare Rights. The aims of the service are: 

  • To ensure anyone who has a possession case being seen in the County Court on the Isle of Wight has the option of free representation. 
  • To reduce and ideally prevent homelessness, or work with clients to identify options for accommodation which meet their needs and assist them to secure accommodation. 

Our aims for the future are: 

  • To assist clients to make applications for Welfare Benefits 
  • To represent clients appealing Welfare Benefits decisions 


If you’re struggling with your rent we will look at what we might be able to help you with, e.g. benefits applications, help you to access qualified money advice providers.


If you have been issued a Possession Notice by your Landlord or you receive Possession or Eviction related Court documents in the post and you would like us to advise/assist you, you should complete our contact form so that we can get back to you as soon as possible.  

Click here for our Contact Form

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