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Policies are rules and guidelines for any group and organisation to help them establish a better structure. 

Policies should be customised to meet the needs of your organisation, as no two groups are alike and should be adopted by the trustees or managing committee of the organisation.

As groups grow there will be the need to adopt further policies. Such policies will potentially be required if you organisation wishes to contract to deliver services or if you are seeking quality status.

Here you will find links to further sources of information on some of the most common policies that any new or developing organisation may be required to have in place.

Health and Safety

Equality and Diversity

Volunteer Policy

Child Protection Policy

Vulnerable Adults Policy

Any examples policies should be customised to your organisations needs and adopted by the trustees of the organisation.

To see Community Action IW Policies go to Our Policies

If you require any additional support and information on policies and procedures for your voluntary or community group or organisation, please get in touch as Community Action IW can help.  

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