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Community Action IW offers regular training programmes each year with workshops and training sessions on a wide variety of topics to support voluntary and community grhyper-local-event (1)oups across the Island:

Please contact us if there are specific training needs for your organisation that you would like us to help with.


November Training Events

On two days in November we are offering a limited number of FREE training places on a range of online webinars.  The training will be offered by The Foundation for Social Improvement (FSI) it will be interactive with breakout groups and lots of engagement with the participants. 
As we are only offering a small number of these FREE places, we may need to limit the number of people attending per organisation. In the first instance please email stating which course/s would like to attend.  Please be quick as we anticipate a lot of interest.   
Tuesday 24th November

  1. Strategy and business planning for Senior Charity Leaders (Half day 09:45 – 13:00)

It is a key strategic responsibility of Trustees and charity leaders to ensure that the charity has a clear forward strategy and supporting plan that sets out the direction and priorities, in order to deliver organisational purpose. This course is designed to give charity Trustees and leaders an overview of the process of developing a strategy and business plan, to consider who they will involve in the process and how, and provide some useful tools and resources for developing, implementing and monitoring the strategy and business plan.

  1. Risk Management for Senior charity Leaders (Half day 13:45 – 16:30)

A key responsibility for charity trustees is to ensure that there is a robust Risk Management regime in place. This supports the charity to deliver its mission effectively, enables the charity to seize opportunities as they emerge, as well as playing a significant role in the prevention of ‘disasters’ both small and large. Risk is an everyday part of charitable activity and managing it effectively is essential if the charity is to achieve its key objectives and ensure its funds and assets are safeguarded. In this training course, we will look at practical approaches to risk management from a charity leader and Trustee perspective.

  1. Developing a Fundraising Strategy (Full day 09:45 – 16:30)

This course looks at how to develop your Fundraising Strategy. It will provide a structured road map and relevant tools to enable you to link together organisational objectives and the areas you need to fundraise against, with potential fundraising sources. It will also cover developing an action plan to put the strategy into practice including targets, activities timescales, performance indicators and resource requirements. 

  1. Project Management (Full day – 09:45 – 16:30)

Efficient project management need not be an overwhelming process. This course provides an introduction to practical tools your charity can use to plan projects, set them up and keep them on track.

  1. Bidding for statutory tenders and Major Grants (Full day – 09:45 – 16:30)

Both central and local government have moved away from a traditional grant-making approach to commissioning services from the third sector. This course is designed to help you identify statutory commissioned opportunities and consider best practice principles and methods when developing a bid.
Wednesday 25th November

  1. Demonstrating your Impact (Full day – 09:45 – 16:30)

Effectively demonstrating your impact to your key stakeholders such as donors, grant makers, partners, trustees, media and staff is essential for securing ongoing support for your work. Making a difference to the lives of individuals, communities, animals and/or the environment is probably the reason why your charity was established, so how can you show that you are making a real difference in order to build trust, rapport and credibility for your services? This course will provide you with a range of tools and best practice tips to ensure that you are effectively measuring and communicating the difference you make to donors, funders and supporters.

  1. Digital Fundraising – New course (Full Day – 09:45 – 16:30)

Digital channels have never been more important when considering and delivering your fundraising strategy. In the new normal, charities need to have a good understanding of how digital marketing works and how it can support many of their fundraising methodologies. this new course will look at: Incorporating Digital into your existing fundraising strategy & How to approach different digital channels to support different fundraising ideas.

  1. Raising income from Trust & foundations (Full day – 09:45 – 16:30)

With an estimated 9,000 independent trusts and foundations in the UK giving £2 billion in grants each year, they are a prime source of funding for your charity. However, it is absolutely vital that you properly prepare your applications, undertake research and develop tailored proposals that meet their specific criteria. This course aims to give participants the essential skills and knowledge they need to develop successful fundraising from trusts and foundations in their charity.

  1. Developing your Case for support (Full day – 09:45 – 16:30)

The importance to your organisation of a clear, concise and compelling Case for Support is vital to your success in securing donors and supporters. Simply put, telling a compelling story effectively, at the right time and to the right audience will have a huge impact on your ability to engage supporters and raise funds for your charity. The course will empower participants to develop an inspiring case for support that creates a uniform message about why they are important as a charity, how they make a difference and what people can do to support or get involved. 

Please email stating which course/s would like to attend.  Please be quick as we anticipate a lot of interest.   

If you would like training in a particular area, please contact Philippa Daley

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