Covid-19 Information for Village Halls and Community Buildings – Updated 8/10/20

Re-opening of Village Halls and Community Buildings

ACRE updated the information sheet on 30th September, version 7, to reflect latest Government guidance
and interprets how it affects village and community halls.
The main body of the information sheet remains unchanged from issue 6, but appendices C, D, E and M
have been updated.

Appendix M was introduced as the new Test & Trace QR Code requirement on 24th September. 

In issue 7, Appendix M has subsequently been amended, along with C, D & E in the following ways:

Appendix C – The Sample Covid-19 Secure Poster (point 6 has been expanded) – it is
now a Government requirement to display a poster stating that it is now mandatory for the wearing
of face coverings, unless an exemption applies to a person (eg for health reasons, those aged under 11)
or a person has a reasonable excuse not to wear a face covering (eg when taking part in an activity to
which an exemption applies).

Appendix D – Management of Social Distancing – has been revised to reflect the reduction in
permitted attendance at weddings and civil partnerships and receptions from 30 to 15 and that only
funerals are permitted a group of 30; and a summary of the new legal requirements on bars,
members’ clubs, cafes and similar hospitality venues (eg closing times, no dancing, group
limit of 6, table service only).  

Appendix E – Special Condition of Hire SC9 – has been amended to reflect the new 
legal requirement for hirers to keep records of contact details of those who attend activities and
encourage use of a NHS QR poster at the hall.

Appendix M – Test and Trace QR code – explains the new legal requirements for the display
of a NHS QR poster and keeping of records for Test and Trace. Halls are now expected to display
a NHS QR Poster at or inside the entrance to the premises.

covid-19infosheetv7-openingyourhallafterlockdown_3.9.2, published on 30th September.

For further support locally, contact Philippa Daley

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