Personal Assistant Support and Delivery Hub 2017 – 2018

The Isle of Wight Council’s Adult Social Care Commissioning Team has published a new Grant Funding Prospectus for 2017/18. 


The total funding available through this Prospectus is £50,000. The grant can be allocated to either a single bid and/or multiple bids. We are inviting groups, organisations and enterprises of all types that will use funding to develop a Personal Assistant market place for the Isle of Wight through the creation of a Personal Assistant Hub(s).


The service aims to enable people requiring assistance and support to benefit from their community to access Personal Assistants across the island that offers choice, control and real quality support.


The outcomes that the council will be seeking in retrain for grant funding include:


Outcome 1

Create a Hub(s) where individuals can access employment and advice to support them to be a personal assistant, either employed or self-employed.


Outcome 2

The Hub(s) will be expected to develop, maintain and promote the Personal Assistant Market, through proactively seeking new entries into the industry. The provider shall facilitate this work by attending job opening fairs, working with training centre providers such as the Isle of Wight College and hosting their own employment events to attract potential Personal Assistant’s


Outcome 3

The Hub(s)  will offer a high standard level of service delivery and offer assurance in the continuity of its services. In disrupting eventualities such as Personal Assistant sickness or annual leave, the Hub(s) will assist with an adequate alternative and suitable bank service provision.


Outcome 4

Deliver a service that ensures individuals who need care and support can access that care and support in ways, at times and in places that suit them. The Hub(s) will offer a real choice of attractive good quality Personal Assistants.


Outcome 5

The Hub(s) will ensure that their Personal Assistants offer an extensive range of services and advice for people in the community. They will ensuring that Personal Assistants have a wide range of skill sets and ensure that flexibility around time allocation is at the forefront of services provided, including variable lengths of hours to suit each individual’s needs and requirements.


Outcome 6

The Hub(s) will support Personal Assistants to create a profile with information about their skills, qualifications and experience. The Personal Assistant profile will enable them to link in directly with people with a wide range of requirements to find an employer that suits them.


Outcome 7

The Hub(s) will be developed to ensure that the grant funding is used to generate a self-sustaining organisation. it is expected that the Hub(s) will continue to operate at the end of the grant period by developing models which are financially  sustainable and by becoming a self-funding.




The grant funding prospectus provides more information about the council’s expectations. If your organisation can deliver services or projects that meet some of these outcomes and can be found at


Natalie Halford in the Adult Social Care Commissioning Team is the Commissioner for this grant-making process.  She can be contacted at the Council’s Enterprise House offices by telephone: 01983 821000 extn: 6388 or email  Once you have read through the grant making prospectus, call Natalie and discuss your idea and she will supply you with an application form.


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