Council launches new prospectus – Car Club

cars parkedThe Isle of Wight Council’s Economic Development Service has published a new grant-making Prospectus for 2015/18.  Bids are invited for grant-funding worth up to £68,000 from any enterprise that will use the funding to develop a thriving and sustainable Island Car Club for use by residents, visitors and businesses.

The outcomes that the council will be seeking in return for grant funding include:

  1. Residents will have access to a car club with facilities and cars based in the principle urban areas.
  2. Club users will have access to both electrically powered and low emission conventional (ICE) vehicles.
  3. Club users using electric vehicles will have access to an adequate and well mapped network of Electric Vehicle Charging Points.
  4. The council believes that a successful and sustainable Car Club will provide access to at least 10 vehicles (at least 7 of which will be electric vehicles) in at least 7 locations (see Map 2 below).
  5. The Car Club should provide residents and visitors with benefits typically found in the Car Club sector.

The scheme should lead to the launch of an Island Car Club in July 2015, or as soon as possible thereafter.

A grant-making Prospectus provides more information about the council’s offer and expectations.  If your organisation can deliver a new Car Club that delivers these outcomes, please click here.

NB: The email address for Community Action Isle of Wight given in this prospectus should be 

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